Oxygen is one of those elements that the body requires to maintain life functions and generate 80 percent of the energy consumed by the body.  At sea level you normally receive 21 percent oxygen in the air we breath.  but as we increase in altitude, the level of oxygen we breathe drops the higher we travel.  if a young healthy person is sitting quietly at 13,000 ft elevation, they may not notice a shortage of oxygen.  however if that same individual starts walking around or climbing a hill or stairs, they will notice they are short of oxygen.  If you are older and not so healthy, you will be short of breath just sitting quietly. oxygen in a can is a good short term cure for low oxygen levels.

Normally at sea level a healthy person has above 95 percent oxygen in their blood,  An older person with lung probable's may have less than 90 percent oxygen in their blood.   If an individuals blood oxygen levels decline to about 86 percent, the individual should be prescribed oxygen by their doctor.  If a person has been a smoker most of their live they develop emphazema and their lungs develop a hard crust in the lungs acting as a barrier coat preventing fresh oxygen from entering the blood stream.  There are many different causes of emphazema, but smoking cigarettes is the most common

If your doctor does not want to prescribe medical grade oxygen for you yet, (he is anticipating the future),  you can buy Oxygen In A Can for those moments when you are traveling to high altitude for a short vacation.  Oxygen in a Can comes in 3 styles.

Style 1 is Just Oxygen and is is a low pressure can with about 70 two second breaths in the can.  The product is approved for air travel because it is at low pressure, however we advise not carrying it in your carry on luggage since you will be scrutinized by a $& an hour clerk.  Carry it in your regular luggage you check in and travels in the hold of the airplane.

Style 2 is what we call Sports Oxygen and also has the name EnO2rgen which also provides about 70 breaths of oxygen in a smaller high pressure can, Sports Oxygen must ship via FedEx Ground and only to the continental 48 States.  No air travel with Sports Oxygen

The 3rd style is Oxygen4Energy and is a small 6 inch can you can carry in your purse or pocket and you get about 30 breaths of 9xygen.  the advantage of this product is it is small and can be carried in one's purse or pocket..  Ocygen4Energy is marketed to athletes looking to make a difference in their athletic performance.  But all 3 styles will have the same benefit on athletic performance

Oxygen is widely known for eliminating or reducing headaches, hangovers, altitude sickness, stress, fatigue, heat exhaustion, cramps, jet lag, and minor aches and pains.  On a long term basis, oxygen flushes toxins and impurities our of ones blood preventing cancer from gaining a foothold.  and on a short term basis, oxygen can improve your memory, alertness and concentration levels.

From an athletic point of view, when you are 10 years old your blood probably carries 100% of the oxygen that your blood can carry.  As we age this percentage drops as we are exposed to smoke and other toxins in the air that form a coating over the inside of your lungs.  Once you have dropped to 86 percent, you may be on oxygen full time.  An oxygen session can raise your oxygen level back above 99 percent, providing athletes added stamina and  endurance before exhaustion sets in and performance levels drops. 

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