About Self Esteem --The Problem With Earning Someone's Respect


Recently I listened to a 21 year old Latino tell a co-worker that "You don't show me any respect."  I thought about that for a while and when the time was right I talked to the Latino and explained that if he had a healthy self esteem, he would not care if the other person respected him.  If he loved himself, who cares about another person respecting him.  The important thing is that he loves himself and is proud of all his actions. This is a problem common in gangs where young hoodlums demand respect or they will shoot you dead. 

I learned a long time ago that if I am proud of my actions and do my best to be proud of my actions, I will have a stronger love relationship with myself and what other people think is irrelevant. It is more important what I think about myself than what others think about me.  When I love myself and I am proud of all my actions, I have a high self esteem and I am immune to others thoughts and actions.

Another strange thing about loving yourself.  When you have high self esteem and love your self and are proud of all your actions, you will attract other people that love you.  All you young girls looking for that special man, here is the trick to attracting and keeping him interested.

The secret is to always do what you think is right and never try to cheat others.  Whether it is your spouse, a co worker, or the corner mechanic that works on your car, never try to take advantage of them and treat them as you want them to treat you.  I like to call it playing a win win game where everyone wins and there are no losers.



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