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  There are a number of ways to make money online.  Most of them are relatively limited in the total amount you will earn, however when you have a number of them, they can add up and can make a decent income you can live off, at least make a nice contribution to your monthly income.  I have been doing this for about 6 months and my monthly income is about $500 and increasing every month.  The one I earn the most with is a multi-level marketing program selling oxygen in a can, or Oxygen4Energy.  There is no inventory to maintain or buy and an initial distributorship only costs $50 at present.  You can elect to purchase some product to use as samples when presenting the product to local merchants, but my main source is selling online and recruiting new distributors online.

   Once you become a distributor, Oxygen4Energy will create a web site for you like the one you see at www.Oxygen4Energy/hallingent.   You can direct your customers to your personal web page and they can order online and sign up to become a distributor under you.  Oxygen4Energy maintains the inventory and ships to your customers.   They process the credit card transaction and credit your account with your commission.  Monthly they send you a check for your earned commissions.  My first check was for $38 and the most recent check was $140 and every month it gets larger as business expands.

   The marketing program they have is well organized and destined to become a big money maker as more and more people recognize the benefits of oxygen in all types of exercise and sports activities.

   The thing to realize is if you act fast, you can become a distributor near the top of the MLM pyramid and; Oxygen4Energy, like bottled water, will become a very large market in the near future.  If you use Facebook, or Linkedin, you will have a perfect venue to promote your domain name through social networking.

   Again the most successful method to make money on the internet, is to generate a number of smaller incomes that total a nice addition to your current income.  These incomes will continue to grow and hopefully will last well into your retirement years.

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