By Herb Halling

 Last November 2011 I was experiencing a lot of bleeding from my colon and I was scared as to what they were going to find.  At one point I was probably loosing 3 or 4 ounces of blood a day and at night time my bed sheets were a mess.  I take warfarin daily for my AFIB and was also taking a baby aspirin and 2 Advil PM daily.  Once I learned that ibuprofen was a blood thinner I stopped taking both the aspirin and the Advil, but I had to continue with the warfarin.  The bleeding continued and I scheduled a colonoscopy.  

The colonoscopy discovered two polyps and one was bleeding and my Dr was convinced it was cancer but thankful we caught it early.  He took a biopsy, the results were non-conclusive.  He scheduled a consult with a surgeon and surgery scheduled.  The surgery removed a tumor from inside my colon.

One of my businesses is selling Sports Oxygen and one of my distributors who is very knowledgeable about health treatments introduced me to a place in Santa Monica, CA, called Beyond O2 that sells oxygenated alkaline water.  After listening to Mike for a few minutes about how cancer can not grow in an alkaline or oxygen environment, I high tailed it to Santa Monica and purchased three 5 gallon bottles.  A few months earlier I stopped drinking diet soda and was already drinking only water.  It was not difficult for me to drink exclusively alkaline water.  After a couple weeks on alkaline water I noticed a reduction in  bleeding and started feeling better. or possibly less anemic from the blood loss.  

Last Friday I had a CAT Scan in preparation of my consult with the surgeon.  On Monday they called me and confirmed I was cancer free outside my colon.  I asked what about inside the colon and they went back and looked at the results.  The told me that there were no signs of cancer but I did have a small pouch called diverticula.   I am convinced the drastic improvement in my health and a major reduction in bleeding is a result of drinking about 60 ounces of alkaline water daily.

In my research online, I found Doctors that say the number one thing a person can do to preserve one's health is to install an alkaline water conditioner in ones home and drink only alkaline water.  That will be my next step after I save some money

In February 2012 I had surgery to remove a tumor and then followed up with radiation treatment.  The surgeon felt sure he removed all the tumor.


UPDATE December 1013, I am still cancer free!

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