You have seen people get rich selling bottled water.  Then you saw the energy drink faze were people made money on multi-level-marketing programs of all types of energy drinks.  Now the next trend is promoting sports oxygen in a can for sports and people in general that are temporarily fatigued or stressed out and need an oxygen boost.  

Great new product for Retailers

    Sports oxygen provides one with a short supply of oxygen enriched air that when used with sports, gives one more stamina and endurance before fatigue sets in.  Also, sports oxygen is used by people traveling to high altitude ski resorts, or summer vacations in Colorado to prevent high altitude sickness.  Sports oxygen is also used for headaches, hangovers, migraines, and anybody needing an extra oxygen boost of energy.  Seniors are using sports oxygen to assist in walking while shopping or visiting swap meets.  Doctors tell us that 90% of our energy is generated from oxygen while food and drinks only provide 10% of our energy levels.

    Sports oxygen is also used to improve memory, alertness, concentration and mental clarity for short periods of time.  For example a motor cross racer will make better decisions while racing and allow less errors because of a better concentration and sharper mental clarity when fatigued.

    The best part of Oxygen4Energy is its MLM, or multi-level-marketing program.  It is in its early stages and those entering the field today have a big advantage over those entering a year from now.  Distributorships are available at Oxygen In A  Once you are approved as a distributor, you have two main tasks.  

   First is to promote the oxygen to local businesses in your area including gyms, spas, liquor stores, cocktail lounges, bicycle stores, ski shops, motorcycle shops, fairs and festivals.  You will make 20& to 49% on these sales.  If you buy inventory and retail it you will get the highest return.  This is great if you own a retail outlet, or work fairs and festivals.  If you are wholesaling it you only make 20%.    

     The second task is where you will make the most money.  Once you recruit one of the above retail outlets, you advise them to become a distributor like yourself and you make 20% of all their purchases plus 20% of any distributors they sigh up.  This goes down 4 levels and there can be benefits beyond level 4.  Once you develop a sizable down leg, you will have a stream of income for a long time, even if you are sitting on a beach sipping "mai ties" in Hawaii.  It is a great retirement income, living off your residual income from your efforts made while you were younger and more aggressive.  Visit Oxygen In A to become a distributor.

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