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Local online Ham groups we support

78's Amateur Radio Club

American Radio Relay League

ARRL-C logo.gif (3902 bytes)

Associated Radio Amateurs of Long
Aboard the Queen Mary


WB6VUBs Queen Marry ARALB site

AssocRAofLongBeach.gif (10909 bytes)

Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club

BaldwinHillsARC.jpg (20596 bytes)

Big Bear Amateur Radio Club

Big Bear ARC.gif (150228 bytes)


Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams, CREST

Deluxe Repeater System

DeluxRepeatSys.gif (20916 bytes)

Downey Amateur Radio Club Inc.

DowneyARC.gif (2197 bytes)


Seal Beach Yacht Club

Hughes Es Segundo Amateur Radio Club

HughesARC.gif (23467 bytes)

Idyllwild Mile High Radio Club

IdyllwildMileHiRC.gif (23223 bytes)

Independent Radio Club

Industry Hills REACT


Inland Empire Amateur Radio Club

InlandEmpireARC.gif (12390 bytes)

Internet Radio Linking Project


Jet Propulsion Laboratory Amateur Radio Club

JPLARC.gif (3405 bytes)

Keller Peak Repeater Association


KellerPeakRA.gif (15496 bytes)

Litton Employees Recreation Club

LittonERC.gif (4501 bytes)

Loma Linda University Amateur Radio Club

LomaLindaUARC.jpg (16903 bytes)

Long Beach Yacht Club Radio Amateurs



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Lotus Amateur Radio Network

LotusARN.gif (6087 bytes)

MARC - Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club

MotorcyclingARC.gif (13649 bytes)

MARS - Metropolitan Amateur Repeater System

MARS.jpg (33486 bytes)

N6EAV Repeater Group

N6ENVRepeater.gif (7879 bytes)

Orange County Amateur Radio Club

OranceCoARC.gif (6991 bytes)

Pasadena Radio Club

PasadenaRC.jpg (31489 bytes)

Porterville Amateur Radio Association

wpe2.jpg (12517 bytes)

Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club

RioHondoARC.gif (4553 bytes)

San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club

SanFernandoValARC.gif (21840 bytes)

Santiago Communications Team

SARA of Shoreline Yacht Club of Long Beach

Lighthouseanam.gif (11307 bytes)

SCARA - Southern California And Arizona Repeater Association

SCARA2.gif (12804 bytes)

South Bay Amateur Radio Club


Southern California Contest Club


Southern California DX Club

SoCalDXClub.gif (10801 bytes)

Southern California QRP Society

SoCalQRPSociety.gif (10907 bytes)

Super System  WA6TWF
Employs 19 repeaters serving Los Angeles, Orange, and parts of San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties and 4 repeaters in Honolulu Hawaii -- covers HF, 2 meter, 70 cm and 23 cm bands
Contact Dave Corsiglia (714) 680-4499


TORRA - Tournament Of Roses Radio Amateurs.  Volunteers Needed for 2001

TORRA.gif (10112 bytes)

Tri-County Amateur Radio Club

TriCountyARC.gif (5801 bytes)

TRW Amateur Radio Club Redondo Beach

United Radio Amateur Club, Los Angeles Harbor

University of Southern California
Amateur Radio Club
West Amateur Radio Association

West Coast Amateur Radio Club

WestCoastARC.gif (73879 bytes)

Western Intertie Network
Win System

Xerox Amateur Radio Club

XeroxARC.gif (9602 bytes)

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