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Bear Traps on The Interstate

Written by a trucker for all Interstate Drivers

By Herb Halling

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Table Of Contents



Chapter 1: The Big Lie

        About the Author

        Background for the Book

        Creatures Of Habit

Chapter 2:  The Stealth Revenue Patrol Car


        Across Road Radar

        Laser (LIDAR)


        Road Cables

Chapter 3:  Stealth Equipment to protect Your Vehicle

        Citizens Band Radio

        Radar Detectors

        Laser Detectors

        Laser Plates


        Legality of Radar Detectors

        Construction Zone Radar

        Radar Scramblers

        Radar Bra



        Bear Trap Guide

        Speedtrap Registry

Chapter 4:  Situation classifications

        Coming At You Situation

        Surprise Situation

        Back Door Situation

        Git On Ramp Situation

        Evel Knievel Situation

        Bear In The Air Situation

        State Line Situation

        Smile For The Camera Situation

        Decoy Situation

Chapter 5: Excessive Speed

        Ten Percent Rule

        Personality Profile

        3 & 6 Second Rule

        How To Act When Stopped

Chapter 6: Driving Techniques That Will Save Your Life

        Sacrificial Bait

        Kids Playing on the Highway

        Git On Ramp

        Off The Off Ramp

        Danger Lane

        Left Turns

        Assume The Worst

        What's Up Ahead?

        Blind Spots

        Tired Or Fatigued

        Exit Speed Limits

        Metabolic Clocks

        Commercial Drivers Handbook

        Hammer Lane / Granny Lane

Chapter 7:  What To Do About A Citation

        Traffic School

        Should You Fight Your Citation?

        Officer Doesn't Appear

        Increasing Your Odds

        Extending The Trial Date

        Rights To A Speedy Trial

        Forfeit Your Arraignment, Plea by Mail

        Trial By Declaration

        Discovery Rights

        Vehicle Code Book

        Preparing a Defense

Chapter 8:  The Future

        Trends Of The Future

                Spreading the Big Lie

                Books Against The Big Lie

                Motorist Rights Groups

                More Courts and Judges

                Radar Absorbing Paint

                Internet Help

                Truckers Round Table

                Mobile Bear Trap Warning System

Chapter 9,  In Summary


Appendix A:  Bear Traps On I-5

Appendix B:  Bear Traps On I-10

Appendix C:  Bear Traps On I-15

Appendix D:  Bear Traps On I-20

Appendix E:  Bear Traps On I-40

Appendix F:  Bear Traps On I-70

Appendix G:  Bear Traps On I-75

Appendix H:  Bear Traps On I-80

Appendix I:  Bear Traps On I-90

Appendix J:  bear Traps On I-95

Appendix K:  Glossary Of Truckers Slang

Appendix L:  Worst Things To Say To A Bear

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