Bear Traps On The Interstate

Written by a Trucker for all Interstate Drivers

Learn how to Avoid Speeding Tickets

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Chapter 1 -- The Big Lie

Chapter 2 -- The Stealth Revenue Patrol Car

Chapter 3 -- Stealth Equipment-Protect Your Vehicle

Chapter 4 -- Situation Classifications

Chapter 5 -- Excessive Speed

Chapter 6 -- Driving Techniques

Chapter 7 -- What To Do About A Citation

Chapter 8 -- The Future

Appendix -- Bear Trap Guide

Written by a Trucker for all Interstate Drivers

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Why you need this book;


Herb Halling was an aerospace engineer for 25 years then spent 5 years on the Interstate Highways driving big trucks.  In his book, he is ready to share his secrets learned from driving 150,000 miles a year.  Only a trucker knows what is really happening out there and now you have a tell all book from an Owner Operator that saw it all happen.

In this book you will learn about the "big lie" and how the local governments have switched from illegal speed traps to legal bear traps.  Their motivation to take your money has not changed, only their techniques.

While learning about the big lie, you will enjoy learning about the new stealth equipment on the market designed to defeat radar, laser and VASCAR.   Smokey doesn't have a chance any more.

"This book is a best seller with hard core speeders looking for ways to beat the fuss".

"Smokey the Bear buys this book"

"With speeding citations exceeding $250, this book is a bargain..  Every smart driver needs to learn Revenue Bear's tricks in this book"

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Copyright by Herb Halling August 1998 (Legal)


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