Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood






Photo; Herb Halling


A relatively new platycerium species is the hybrid P. Mt Kitshakood which is a cross of P. Ridleyii and P. coronarium.   I obtained this hybrid from Thailand in late 2016 and it has done very well in my greenhouse in Southern California.

Mt Kitshakood is thought to have derived its name from Mt Kitchakut in Thailand where Thai Buddhists would go to pray.  It is said "You get one wish and only once a year, all wishes will come true if you can get up there!."  Some one apparently prayed for a new hybrid.



The photo on the right of a Mt Kitshakood was borrowed from "Platycerium Ferns"  You can see the P. ridleyii trait in the shield frond.  The fertile fronds hanging down are more a P. coronarium trait.  P. ridleyii fertile fronds stand erect like a bouquet of flowers.

P. ridleyii have pods with spore patches and I don't see any pods or spore patches on the fronds like P. coronarium.

P. coronarium tend to grow volunteers horizontally from the bud and I don't see any volunteers yet on any P. Mt Kitshakoods.



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