Degree of Difficulty in Growing

Level 1, easiest:
  P. Alcicorne >P. biforcatum P. hillii P. veitchii P. willinckii
Level 2, fairly easy:
  P. superbum P. grande P. wandae    
Level 3, not difficult, but require some experience:
  P. andinum P. elephantotis P. Ellisii P. holttumii P. stemaria
Level 4, somewhat difficult:
  P. coronarium P. madagascariense *      
Level 5, difficult, or little understood
  P. quadridichotomum P. ridleyi P. wallichii    
* Must be kept entirely free of pests and watered with low PH and chlorine free water.  Probably all Platyceriums prefer a low PH and chlorine free water.

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